Sunday, November 22, 2009

About "Red" type animations

Quite often I get IM's from people along the lines of:

"I bought your red anims, they are meant be full perms but they are no copy and no transfer"

To begin with, nowhere in my shop are the words "full perms" used, infact Ive avoided stating exact permissions on the red types on any of my signs in order that people will fully read the signs and touch them for the terms of sale license, this sign in particular:

Now of course many don't read signs, I myself often buy things and don't read the instructions until I get a problem, I have tried my best to make these as visible as possible and there really is no way to force people to read signs, I stopped short of using auto-inventory offers etc because that, to me, is spamming and I hate that.

The note this sign gives is the same note that the ball gives to its owner when first rezzed, it contains the license terms and instructions on what must be done before the animation is used, it is in 10 languages and also includes 2 textures with a step by step diagram of what needs to be done

The reason the ball is (no copy) and (no transfer) to begin with is because if it were instantly usable, people would not read the directions and leave the animations inside the balls in full permissions which is directly against the license terms, and anyone who buys the items they then sell with these animations in, can just remove the (still full permission)animations and put them straight into a "full perms business in a box"

Yes I understand people don't want to read instructions but it is absolutely critical that the animation inside the ball is set to either no-copy OR no-transfer BEFORE its use in items.

The initial no-copy/no trans nature of the reds is a protection system to ensure this single thing is done, that's really is all that needs to be done, then the animation will be copy and trans to you, just not to the person you sell or transfer it to on builds.

It has recently however come to my attention that people are actually deliberately circumventing this protection system rather that doing the simple thing it asks, and thus STILL giving out these animations in full permissions to those the sell/transfer their builds to


This question puzzled me for a while but after talking to a few people I realised that a large amount of people in SL do not actually know how permissions work, at this point you are maybe thinking:

"well I know how they work"

Oddly most people who say this to me after I ask them why they left my anims full perms in their items do not realise certain things about the perms system, so Ive written some info on the most common things Ive come across

Popular misconception 1: "I didn't change the perms because I wont be able to copy it then"
Permissions in Second life apply to the NEXT OWNER, not you, you cannot make an item no-copy to yourself, any permission setting you can change on any item does not effect any of your permissions on it, any perm changes ONLY kick-in when the item is transferred to its NEXT OWNER.
Popular misconception 2: "my builds are set to no-copy anyway, they cant copy your anims"
Permissions on builds have NO EFFECT on the contents of those builds such as scripts and animations, if the next owner perms on an anim or script are full, they will remain full regardless of the perms set on the item that contains them.
Also setting "no mod" on a build does not effect the next owners ability to just pull out those content items, and once they do they have whatever perms that script or anim was set to(not the ones the build was set to).
Another one is "I set the ball to no copy"
This really is the same as the above one, the ball is a sphere prim, making it no-copy has no effect on the animation inside it, it is the permissions on the animation INSIDE the ball that matter, the ball itself does not matter at all, making a sphere prim isn't hard...
Another one I have heard lately is:
"I only leave them full perms in my test items"
There is no possible test you could wish to do on an item that you could not do with the anim set correctly, this is probably someone with the first misconception above, a person who thinks that changing perms on an item applies to HIM, and will effect HIS ability to copy and transfer it, it wont.
The reason I ask that the perms be changed immediately is that to keep ones where the perms are full is an accident waiting to happen, if you only retain versions with an anim set to only copy, or only trans, it prevents these getting out into the wild, and in no way effects your own permissions.
The above misconceptions are understandable, the perms system in SL is not very straightforward, especially when it comes to the contents of prims, I hope this post has helped