Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I/my landlord used land return to return all my items and now I cannot find....

(Please note that this ALSO often applies to "Ive lost a whole load of items from my land", or "I used object return to return several poseball sets and now I don't see them in my inventory in the folders anymore")

OK this one happening a lot lately, normally on rented land when people move house and decide that land return is the best and quickest way to get all their objects back, while its certainly the quickest way it will NOT return all the objects to the folder they came from, it will also prevent these objects coming up in the inventory search function, but they are not gone, you still have them.....

When a large amount of objects are returned at once, SL now has a "feature" called coalescence, this basically means a large amount of objects get bunched together to form one or two objects, the problem with this is that when it happens, these "coalesced" objects only retain the name of one of the objects they contain, they might be called "object" or "bath towel" or the name of any single thing that was in the item group, this means if you were searching for a set of poseballs by name, the search will come up empty, because the set is part of the object called "bath towel".

When a mass land return is done the items generally go into the "objects" or "lost and found" folder, so if you open that folder and look in it, you may see some icons that look unusual:

As you can see the coalesced items have an icon depicting that they are more than one "box", they only have one name but that icon means they are actually many objects, if you have icons that look like this, the name of the object is only the name of ONE object contained in the group, I have seen as many as 200 separate objects contained in these when Ive rezzed them.

Once you have found this type of icon, you need to be in an area where you can build and have a good number of prims free, if you knew roughly how many prims were returned from your land in the first place that will help, I myself have used land return to return an entire shop in the past, it was condensed into 2 of these types of icons, and the shop was a total of about 700 prims!

When you rez this kind of item, all the items contained in it will assemble themselves exactly as they were before they were returned, for instance if the object contains the west side of your house, it will also contain all the rugs, furniture, decor etc and all in exactly the same place they were in that portion of the house, when rezzed the items are not actually linked though, any part that could be taken individually before can also now.